Weddings at Lost River Hostel

Celebrate Love, Foster Change

A Venue with a Vision

When you choose Lost River Hostel for a whimsical forest wedding, you’re not just planning an event; you’re planting seeds of change. The proceeds from your celebration go directly toward the Lost River Foundation (a 501c3 nonprofit) and its leadership development programs, goal-setting workshops, and community enrichment initiatives. Your joyous occasion becomes a catalyst for positive impact, touching lives far beyond the guest list and helping to make the world a better place.

Your Wedding weekend

We understand that you won’t need EVERYTHING we’re about to list, but it’s included. We hope you enjoy all you can.

Your Event Day

When you rent out the space, you will have full run of the grounds and are able to enjoy the complete space. While it may be visually stunning on its own, we also understand that you may want to bring your own flavor to the day and show people a slice of your own personality and style. As long as things are able to go back to what they looked like when you arrived, we love to say yes to all of your dreams and ideas! We think it’s more fun that way.

Because we only have one wedding per weekend, you won’t feel a time crunch.  If you’re having a Saturday wedding, you’ll be able to set up on a Friday afternoon or Saturday morning, and you won’t need to worry about gathering your things until Sunday.


We’re in the middle of woods in West Baden Springs Indiana, about one hour south of Bloomington, and an hour from Louisville. We’re only five minutes from the beautiful town of French Lick/West Baden with some amazing architecture and essential shopping needs.

Explore Lost River Hostel

Click the icons on the map below to learn more about the grounds at Lost River Hostel.

The Theatre

The Ideal Ceremony Location
With space for up to 250 guests and an idyllic forest backdrop, the theatre at Lost River Hostel is the ideal location for your wedding ceremony.


29 acres of land with hiking trails all around
Our initial 16 acres were purchased in 2015, and we’ve since expanded to 29 with an eye toward more. With rolling karst hills and several water features, this is a serene setting adjacent to the Hoosier National Forest.

The Pop Top

The treehouse

Our elevated treehouse suite is built with a winding staircase between 5 conjoined poplar trunks and will be open to the public soon.


Our main guest residence in the heart of the hostel forest (7 rooms/13 beds/21 guests) was finished in 2017 and lovingly designed/built entirely by our hostel staff. The rooms contain unique art, hand-painted murals, and chalkboard walls.


The guesthouse contains:

  • The Bird’s Nest Suite (1 king bed, valley view)

  • The Cloud Room (1 queen bed)

  • The Water Room (1 queen bed)

  • The Summer Room (2 full size bunk-style beds)

  • The Spring Room (2 full size bunk-style beds)

  • The Winter Room (2 full size bunk-style beds)

  • The Autumn Room (3 twin size bunk-style beds)

Clay Lagoon

A spring-fed swimming hole
With a handmade dock and sitting right *above* the guesthouse, our swimming hole is where we spend most of our summer days swimming and lounging. In the cooler months, it’s the best star-watching place on the property and a frequent spot for Wim Hof enthusiasts.


A hand-laid ring next to our guesthouse

One of two larger fire pits on the property, this fire pit is next to your room. We’ll often find the guests here sitting on our custom benches and chatting long into the night.


Our 3-season outdoor bathing facility below the guesthouse

Completed in 2018, our showerhouse has two three-sided rainfall showers with one side open to the forest. On top is our rooftop tub with a throne-like partition to hide you from the rest of the world.

Compost Toilets

Our compost toilets are turned into compost that will one day become flowers— one by the guesthouse and another down the path. These feature an elaborate throne mural and handmade stained glass.


Our young hedge-maze labyrinth

One of the first features we created at Lost River Hostel in 2015, the labyrinth, is a 20 minute spirally walk to the center, where an old persimmon tree sits waiting for your thoughts.

Fire ring

Our social fire ring in front of the farmhouse

Our hexagonal bench around the main fire ring is the heart of conversation at the hostel. So many meaningful conversations and relationships have been formed around the embers here. In warmer weather, we often host our daily gratitude circle here.


Our organic Hügelkultur gardens

The structure of our three gardens were created in 2015. They serve as a teaching tool to all who pass through and transform constantly depending on who is loving on them this season. Sometimes they are curated to perfection; other times, they run wild and free!

The Nests

These screened-in beds buried in the forest will put you right in the middle of the fireflies, storms, and birdsong all while protected and cozy.  


The original farmhouse of Lost River Hostel

Built in 1864, the main farmhouse serves as our hub of operations. It’s where you’ll find our magnificent kitchen, instruments, games, art porch, communal dining hall, and staff quarters.

East and west lawns

Our outdoor event platforms

Perfect for yoga, workshops, seated events of up to 150 each, and teaching space of any size, our lawns are an ideal addition for any breakout event space you may need.

The University

Our main event center

With a library, a full kitchen, the river bed suite, the grand hall for larger events, and riverfront access – this new addition to Lost River Hostel is our main event hub.

The grand hall will host seated events for an invite list of up to 200 indoors with several configurations and outdoor space. The library is public from 10 am – 10 pm and then belongs to the guests of the river bed suite in the evening.

Full kitchen, restroom facilities, and parking are all on-site.

The Lost River

Our namesake river

Flowing throughout the region, The Lost River is suspected to be one of the largest cave systems in the world, though we may never know as most of it is underwater.

Near the town of Orleans, the water vanishes underground for 14 miles before resurfacing nearby. When the water is low, it carries a deep tiffany blue. When high, it’s great for kayaking.


Multiple dedicated and overflow parking areas around the property can accommodate up to 250 guests.

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